Installation and Repairs of Base Station (BTS)

Dennison Systems Solutions is a well-known Cell Site / Base Station builder. We ensure technical specifications are adhered to during RF and BTS installation testing and commissioning; for GSM, CDMA, and other similar telecommunications and microwave networks.

Our turnkey site build involves site acquisition, site establishment, fencing, mast foundation, foundation, earthing, shelter assembling and positioning, tower erection, NEPA connection, Generator supply, installation and commissioning

Maintenance of Masts and Towers

Tower Base Foundation, Guy Wires, Bolting Parts, Verticality, Tower Loading, Radio Links/ Antennas and Accessories, Lightning and Earthing System, as well as other safety components

Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning protection systems and grounding for telecommunications and power equipment


Telecommunication Engineering Infrastructure and Network Development Services


Networking (WAN, MAN and LAN)

Generators/Petroleum Products

Installation / Repairs of Lister Generator Hiring / Servicing of Heavy Duty Generators PMS/AGO supply and transportation